6 Goals for 2015

2014 was a blessing-filled blast. I think 2015 will be too.

I’ve set a few goals for the year; some personal, some professional. While several of them are too private (or boring) to share here, I’ll share the rest in the hope that someone else will be encouraged, possibly because they’ve set similar goals, or because they haven’t (but might now be inspired to).


Here are three personal goals I set for 2015:

  1. Run a total of 365 miles. My physical health hinges on running. If I run consistently, I have more energy, eat more nutritious food, and get sick less often. I failed miserably at last year’s goal of 500 miles for the year. For 2015, I’m aiming for an average of a mile per day.
  2. Read 25 books. Whether fiction or nonfiction, I feel like I’m a better person when reading books regularly. Possibly because I am becoming a better person. My goal is two per month, with another thrown in for good measure.
  3. Write 52 journal entries. In the same way that blogging reflectively has helped me grow as an educator, writing reflectively on a regular basis helps me grow as a husband, father, and friend. The only problem? I rarely keep up with this habit. My proposed solution for this year? To carve out 30 to 45 minutes at the same time each week to write.


Here are three reasonandwonder-related goals I set for 2015:

  1. Write 52 blog posts. In general, I want to write more consistently. But “write more consistently” is a terrible goal for the year. So I attached some numbers to it: A post a week (on average) for the entire year. 52 posts sounds like a lot of writing, but once per week sounds within reach. Here goes!
  2. Write 36 lessons (12 of each type). I had a blast adding the lessons page to my blog at the end of last year. I want to keep the content flowing, and also to challenge myself to write a variety of lessons. My goal is to write one lesson in each style (problem based lessons, open middle problems, and Desmos lessons) per month. If I’ve added 36 new lessons to the blog by the end of the year, I’ll be a happy camper.
  3. Present 20 workshops/presentations. I have a desire to grow my consulting business over the next few years. At this point, I already have 10 events on my speaking calendar for 2015. Not a bad start! I look forward to adding a few more workshops and professional development sessions to build toward 20 for the entire year.


A quick word about the resources I’ll use to create and track my goals this year:

  • Evernote. There are about 1000 reasons why I love this app. Make that 1001, as this year’s goal-setting got an inspiration boost from this Evernote blog post.
  • OmniFocus. It’s a bit pricey, but I already use it for all of my to-do list and project tracking, so it made sense to roll my 2015 goals into this tool as well.
  • Google Sheets. When it comes to tracking miles run, books read, and the like, I’m a sucker for a simple spreadsheet.
  • Day One Journal. While I love Evernote for note taking in general, when it comes to journaling in a non-distracting app, I absolutely love Day One.
  • WordPress. I guess it goes without saying that none of my blog-posting or lesson-writing goals would be possible without this. By the way, if you’re reading this and you haven’t started a blog of your own yet… What are you waiting for?

Your Turn

Willing to share your personal and/or professional goals for 2015, or the tools/resources/practices that help you stay on track? Drop a line in the comments!

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  1. I think I can help you with one goal. And I may look to jump into your train on the other goal of creating lessons. Let’s see what happens.

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