Blog Recap • January 2015 Edition

January was a busy month on the blog. Here’s a recap of the lessons, posts, and other math-related things that filled up those 31 days.



  1. Match My Line. The start of this recent “Match My Graph” madness.
  2. Match My Parabola. If the reaction on Twitter is any indication, hands down the most popular lesson I’ve posted.

Top Posts

  1. 5 Things Every Teacher Should Know About Twitter. A quick introduction to using Twitter. By no means comprehensive, but a nice start for those interested in expanding their online PLC.
  2. Two Wrongs and a Right. An error-analysis routine inspired by Michael Pershan’s work at
  3. Age-Appropriate? Not Exactly. Valuable? Absolutely. A linear graphing challenge experiment gone… What’s the opposite of “awry”?
  4. Twitter Chats vs Family Dinners: Do We Really Have to Choose? I love Twitter. And Twitter chats. But family life means I usually choose not to participate. Enter #slowmathchat, a weekly chat not tied to a particular time of day.
  5. Four Points, One Line. A work-in-progress linear graphing challenge for students, with a goal of eliciting a variety of equation forms.

Other Posts

The rest of the posts from January are available here.


Community High School District 117
January 16, 2015 • Chicago, IL

San Dieguito Union High School District
January 27, 2015 • Escondido, CA

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