Diagnosis and Treatment – Activity Makeover Series

Last week I gave a talk at CMC South called Principles for Building and Using Effective Digital Tasks.

For the “building” piece, I shared five principles from the Desmos Activity Building Code. For each principle, I offered an exemplar activity.

In one case, I even offered an anti-exemplar. I find these contrasts between what works and what doesn’t particularly helpful for developing my own capacity to build more of what works.

With that in mind, I’m kicking off a new series here.

Every Monday, I’ll post an activity that fails to live up to the building code in some way. I’ll share one or two shortcomings that I see. In short, I’ll offer my diagnosis.

Every Friday, I’ll post an upgraded version of the activity, with some commentary on the changes I made. In short, I’ll share my treatment.

And that cycle will be helpful, at least for me. The process of select/reflect/revise/explain will gradually boost my activity building skills.

But! What happens between Monday and Friday, that’s where this could get really interesting.

  • Will you offer your own diagnosis? A second opinion of sorts?
  • Better yet, will you offer suggestions for your own treatment?
  • Better still, will you build and share a new, better activity that addresses the shortcomings identified in one of the diagnoses?

Whatever level of participation you choose, I do hope you’ll join in the fun.

Keep your eyes on this space. The first activity + diagnosis is coming soon.


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