Everybody and their Mother Loves the MTBoS

That post title may be a bit of a stretch. But I know this much is true: I love the mathtwitterblogosphere, and I know my mother thinks it’s pretty swell also.

A little background… My mom teachers middle school math, just a few miles from where I do. When I started out teaching, she was my go-to resource for teaching questions (especially classroom management). I’ve often been a resource for her regarding conceptual development or activity ideas for a current or upcoming topic.

Here’s what she sent me last night at the end of an email:


Lacking any particular inspiration, I directed her to Robert Kaplinsky’s PrBL Search Engine, and then hopped on Twitter:

The response? Pam Wilson to the rescue!


In particular, this seemed like a really cool idea:


So what happened the next morning? This!


Now that’s a pretty cool Professional Learning Community/Family.

P.S. Here’s a glimpse at the handout my mom created.


P.P.S. And her thoughts on the lesson, including what she’ll tweak for next year:



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