Gearing Up for CMC North 2015

One of my favorite conferences is the one hosted by the California Math Council in Asilomar, CA. This is the first math education conference I started attending regularly, and it’s in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet.

I’m presenting twice this year:


I’m also co-presenting with a former colleague (Katie Reneau) who did an amazing job presenting at CMC South in Palm Springs. Here are her session details:

  • Rich Discussions and Rich Tasks in the MS Math Classroom
  • Saturday, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • PC Middle School, Room 29

The One Conference Non-Negotiable

What you attend throughout the day on Saturday is up to you (though of course I’d love to see you in one of the sessions I’m involved in). However, there is one non-negotiable here:

No matter what, make sure you attend the IGNITE talks.

Saturday evening, get yourself to Merrill Hall. I promise you won’t be disappointed. The “party” starts at 7:30 pm, but you might want to get there a bit early.

Still Game Planning?

If you’re attending and still figuring out what sessions to attend, or you’re just lurking from a distance and want to add a little fuel to your #CMCN15 jealousy fire, you can access the full conference program as a PDF right here.

P.S. Sometime before the conference is over,  I’ll post session slides and resources on my speaking page.

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