11 Desmos Challenges: Implicit Relations (#11)

Explicitly-defined functions are just the tip of the awesomeness iceberg. Expand your graphing repertoire with implicit relations.


Goal: Use one expression line to plot the line shown below. Use the form x/a+y/b=1.

11.1 Prompt


Goal: Use one expression line to plot the ellipse shown below.

11.2 Prompt


Goal: Use two expression lines (a list and an implicitly-defined relation) to create the circle-based image shown below.

11.3 Prompt

Hint: The relation involves some absolute value action.


Get ’em here.

You Create

Use what you’ve learned about implicit relations to create your own amazing graph. Share it here.

(Need some help with how to share a graph? Check out 11 Challenges: Saving and Sharing (#9).)

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