11 Desmos Challenges: Saving and Sharing (#9)

Create a free Desmos account, or simply sign in with your Google account. Once you’ve signed in you can save and share to your heart’s content.


Goal: Login, save your graph, email it to mjfenton@gmail.com.

Here are a few images to help you with that task:

9.1a Image 9.1b Image 9.1c Image 9.1d Image 9.1e Image 9.1f Image 9.1g Image 9.1h Image


Goal: Add your graph (link, brief description, etc.) to this Google Spreadsheet.

Note: You can visit the spreadsheet any time you want by visiting bit.ly/rw-graph-share.

9.2a Image


Goal: Share your graph on Twitter. Include the following:

  • Title
  • URL
  • The #graphchat hashtag
  • Mention (@mjfenton)
  • Preview image

Hint: To make all of this happen, you’ll first need to snag your preview image.

9.3a Image 9.3b Image

Now we’re ready to post to Twitter.

9.3c Image 9.3d Image

Hint: If you’re not using TweetDeck, you’re missing out. (While we’re talking about social media, here are 5 Things Every Teacher Should Know About Twitter.)

Note: You can use Desmos-created graphs to make your activities and assessments even more beautiful!

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