11 Desmos Challenges: Tables (#6)

Whether entering static data manually, quickly setting up a table of dynamic values, copy-pasting data from a spreadsheet, or getting ready for regression, tables in Desmos pack a powerful punch.


Goal: Use one expression line (with a table) to plot the points shown below.

6.1 Prompt


Goal: Use one expression line (with a table) to plot the movable points shown below. Drag the points around to your heart’s content.

6.2 Prompt

Hint: Click the gear at the top of the expression list. Choose the third “drag” option.


Goal: Use two expression lines (one table, one regression) to plot the movable points and line of fit shown below. Set the table “drag” to vertical change only. Drag the points and watch the line of fit adjust automagically.

6.3 Prompt


Get ’em here.

You Create

Use what you’ve learned about tables to create your own amazing graph. Share it here.

(Need some help with how to share a graph? Check out 11 Challenges: Saving and Sharing (#9).)

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