Math 753 • Session 6


Another big evening of sharing resources and challenges created by the teachers, plus further exploration of Dave Youngs’ Fascinating Triangle mathematical microworld.



Two flavors: PDF, Keynote


Workout 2. Official handbook is here. This evening we’ll spend a little more time than we usually do working on problems and sharing solutions.

Estimation 180

Days 51-60, here we come! In particular, we’ll look at Day 51 (soda capacity) and Day 52 (glass vase capacity). The rest of the challenges from Days 51-60 are here:

753 Session 6.012

Just like last week, after completing these two official challenges, teachers will share the estimation challenges they created for homework.

Course Themes

Arithmetic to algebra (#1) and four representations (#5).

The Fascinating Triangle

Here’s the game plan for today:

753 Session 6.017

Visual Patterns

A third week of sharing our own Visual Patterns, followed by a journey into two (basic) quadratic patterns (which we didn’t actually have time for last week):



Big Ideas in Algebra

Last week we ran out of time (again) and didn’t have an opportunity to discuss the Session 3 reading assignment, or the various comments teachers in the class left on the Session 3 post. We’ll carve out some time for that discussion in Session 6.


We take a break from reading and “create your own” assignments to focus nearly all of our attention on the Fascinating Triangle. In addition to spending another hour or two delving into one or more extensions, teachers will write a 1-2 reflection on the exploration process, plus “appendices” with “scratch work selections” of their explorations and findings.

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