More than Skillful?

I’m new to the standards based grading world. I’ll share more in another post about what I’m loving, what I’m struggling with, what I’m dreaming about, how I want to use the power of the Internet to make all of my assessments fantastically awesome, etc.

But a question just popped into my head after a rather successful (though entirely skill-focused) class period in Honors Algebra 1:

How do you use standards based grading to help your students become more than just skillful?

My current implementation is heavy on skills, and I’m having trouble moving beyond that (more a shortage of time than vision, but my vision is lacking as well). I have some ideas of my own on how to use SBG to create a classroom where skills are the launching point, not the end goal (again, future post forthcoming), but I’m curious to hear what others think as well.

To the comments, if you please!

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