Open the Middle (GMD Video)

Tonight I gave a talk on Open Middle problems for the Global Math Department. It was loads of fun. (Though I very nearly became the only presenter in the history of webinars to get locked out of his own presentation.)

Presenting online feels a bit like talking into the void, especially with everyone else’s mics turned off. The chat window scrolling by—and a series of great questions from hero-of-the-night Michael Pershan in particular—helped a bit in that regard.

Whether you were there for the party, or are just now peaking in:

  • Video of the talk will be available here by Wednesday evening.
  • Resources from the session (including slides, and a few other helpful links) are here.
  • You can also check out #slowmathchat on Twitter where the focus all week is #openmiddle.

If you use any open middle problems with your students to close out this semester, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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