Polar Graphing Exploration

Over the weekend I wrote about an alternative launch to my Precalculus polar graphing unit. After that first lesson, I decided to throw out my usual “Day 2 Notes” and replaced them with a six-part, Desmos-driven exploration.

I started by having students fire up Desmos, working in a 2:1 arrangement (two students per screen). While they got that ready to go, I distributed a stack of printer paper to each table. I’ll cut right to the chase here, since the directions are included in the graph:


I find that adding a folder called “Directions” is like waving a big red flag and shouting, “Do NOT read this!” My favorite direct approach is, “Read this first.”

(My favorite reverse-psychology tactic is to put the directions inside a folder at the top titled “Top Secret!” The “success” rate for students opening up such a folder is pretty fantastic. Or depressing. I suppose it depends on your perspective.)

At any rate, here are a few screens from the exploration:


polar-graphing-exploration-2 polar-graphing-exploration-3 polar-graphing-exploration-4 polar-graphing-exploration-5


Interested in tinkering a bit on your own? You can access the exploration sandbox here:


Post Script

Why the 5 in bit.ly/polar-5, you ask? Because it took me five tries to get it right. 🙂

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