Polar Graphing Sorting Activity

After an introduction and exploration (which I wrote about here and here) to my polar graphing unit, I wanted to steer our attention in a more algebraic direction so we could establish some connections between polar and Cartesian forms.

On top of that, I needed an activity that would work well with a sub. The intersection of those wants and needs? A sorting activity!

Polar Graphing Sorting Activity 16A Polar Graphing Sorting Activity 16B


Print ’em out, slice ’em up, throw ’em in a Ziploc and we’re ready for action.

Students worked in small groups on the following:

  1. Plot the polar equations in Desmos.
  2. Plot the Cartesian equations in Desmos.
  3. Match each graph with its polar and Cartesian equations.
  4. Match each graph description with its cards (polar equation/Cartesian equation/graph).

I challenged students to be on the lookout for connections between the two equation forms. This is something we’ll develop further in an upcoming lesson.

But Wait, There’s More!

Sorting activities are great because they often prompt lots of discussion within the groups. However, they’re sometimes short and sweet. With that in mind, I prepared another sub-proof task for my students: A pair of equation-converting examples, followed by several practice problems. If you’re curious to see the handout, which is seriously limited in focus/scope) click here.

Looking for the sorting activity slide deck instead?

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