Problem of the Week Gold

I saw a question on Twitter earlier tonight asking for good Problem of the Week resources. A light brain-wracking produced four ideas. A search through old links revealed a fifth. Here’s what I suggested:

I’ll admit, mixed in there I’ve got two definitely-not-problem-of-the-week resources, and one problem of the month website. But still, they’re all fantastic resources, and go-to places for me when I’m looking for a rich problem.

What are your favorite resources (online or in print) for rich problems that might serve teachers and students well in a POW or POM context? Have a thought? Drop a line in the comments!

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  1. Good Morning! KenKen for Educators has a problem of the week, in addition to lots and lots of easy to print KenKen puzzles. Thanks Jon Orr for the Waterloo resource…looks great! Just printed Fun On the Slopes. 🙂
    All those going to CMC North, have fun!

  2. Post

    Thanks Jon! I look forward to digging in. And thanks Patty/Mom. I love KenKen puzzles!

    P.S. Any day your mom comments on your blog is an awesome day indeed. 🙂

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