Resource Countdown • December 17, 2015

I’d like to try something new on the blog. Throughout the week, I typically stumble across a handful of tweets, blog posts, and activities that catch my eye.

I’ll gather than up in a countdown style (the Internet loves a good list, doesn’t it?) and share them here. Every Thursday? Some Thursdays? We’ll see, but I’m hoping for the former.

Countdown to what, you ask? The end of the post, I suppose. Or the weekend. Or whatever comes after you read the post. 🙂

Here goes…

3… Tweets

2… Posts

Project Pentagon, by Christopher Danielson. At NCTM Nashville I had the opportunity to tinker with Christopher’s tiling turtles and pentagons. They’re lovely. He writes more about his growing obsession with pentagons here.

Interesting Problem, by Jonathan Claydon. Jonathan raises an interesting question about the role of technology in the classroom, and its implications for the questions we ask students when technology is so readily available.

1… Activity

Steve Leinwand mentioned this MARS task (Calculating Volumes of Compound Objects) during his talk at CMC North. I’m intrigued. Would you use this as-is? Or would you make adjustments? Which ones and why?


That’s all for now!