Workshops, presentations, and professional development services designed to equip teachers with engaging content and effective pedagogy to meet the Common Core State Standards.

Reason Soundly

Use rich problems, engaging tasks, and powerful teaching techniques to boost not only your students’ (super)powers of observation, but also their ability to reason mathematically.

Wonder Deeply

Ignite curiosity and develop students' capacity for wondering mathematically about their world.

Engaging Curriculum

Expand your toolset for finding, curating, and creating engaging lessons.

Habits of Mind

Weave the Common Core State Standard’s mathematical practices into your existing curriculum.

Posers + Solvers

Ratchet up the Depth of Knowledge level in your lessons by having students not only solve, but also pose their own problems.


Integrate technology in ways that stimulate mathematical inquiry and promote student discussion, collaboration, and reflection.
If you're looking for a conf speaker or teacher trainer, @mjfenton just scored the highest ratings of anybody at CA's largest math ed conf.Dan Meyer (Twitter)
I am blown away by what an engaging presenter @mjfenton is at #CMCS14. Follow him and check out his blog at Kaplinsky (Twitter)

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It was an absolute pleasure to have him at our conference. His enthusiasm for learning and teaching is infectious.Brennan Brockbank
I highly recommend Michael Fenton to anyone who is interested in getting students to be curious about mathematics. Not only does he come fully equipped with free resources that are ready to take home, Michael exudes the charisma necessary to leave an audience willing to take a risk with their learning. John Stevens
If Fenton taught in my county, I'd send my kids to his school. His open conversational style developed a relaxed–yet focused–tone in the room. It's clear that students would respect him and that his class is a safe place to reason, wonder, experiment, pose questions, disagree, debate, and be wrong (for a while). I'll be back for more. Matt Vaudrey
I’m excited for the outcomes of the professional development led by Michael, who exceeded my expectations in every facet, and I would invite him back in an instant given the opportunity. If honest, authentic, and actionable professional development is what you’re looking for, look no further. Scott Leverentz

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We wanted a presenter who was extremely knowledgeable on common core standards, could provide hands on activities, website support, guidance and inspiration. Michael met our expectations and exceeded them! After his presentation, teachers were invigorated, inspired and ready to implement his strategies. Melissa Griffen

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