Ignite Talk (Video) • Technology and the Curious Mind

Last December I joined nine other educators in giving an Ignite talk at the CMC North 2014 conference in Asilomar, CA.


The event was organized by the wonderful folks at The Math Forum. They’ve begun posting video of the talks on their website. I’ve embedded mine below for your viewing and/or heckling pleasure.

Technology and the Curious Mind


I wrote a few words about the experience (and posted the slides and manuscript) in a previous blog post.

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  1. This is such an important message! I’m in a lot of schools as a math consultant. For many in my area, 1:1 technology and being a “google school” means that teachers have an electronic way to deliver worksheets and receive answers to the end-of-the-chapter questions. Awesome job with the slides – my heart rate went up a bit watching you pull it together and keep your sense of humor. 🙂

  2. Post

    Thanks, Cris! Glad to know mine wasn’t the only elevated heartrate. Ignite talks are a blast, but that format does quite a number on one’s nerves. 🙂

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