Better Assessments: It’s Time to Begin

For background, go here and here.

Once you’re ready to play, do this:

  1. Create an assessment you don’t hate (or select one you’ve already created).
  2. Save/upload the assessment to Dropbox, Google Drive, Scribd, or some other tool where you can share a link to the file.
  3. Write some commentary about the assessment in a Google Doc.
  4. Complete this form.

I’m a little conflicted about whether there should be a deadline for submissions, so I’ll let you self impose one if you find that helpful. The idea is to submit something relatively soon so we can move on to the next steps (an ongoing discussion centered around the submitted assessments).

More details about the structure and expectations for the discussion will come soon. For now, get those assessments ready!

P.S. Details regarding the other major component of this project—gathering assessment-related resources and posts here—will also come soon.

P.P.S. If you have suggestions for how to improve the form (#4 above) or the submission process, drop a line in the comments or send a note to @mjfenton.

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  1. Michael

    I have a Precalc Honors test I just finished. I’d love to share it and provide some context and hear critiques/questions/cheers/etc.

    I have it on my google drive and I could also post it to dropbox but I don’t know how to share it out without specific target email addresses.

    I’d love to dive in – just give me some guidance

  2. mrdardy,


    If you share it via Google Drive, then you just need to set the share/privacy settings to “anyone with a link” as shown in this picture:

    If you want to share via Dropbox, then you need to navigate to the Dropbox website, find your file on the site, and then look for a “share link” button. At some point near the end, your screen should look like this:

    I’d be happy to help more with either of those approaches via Google Hangout if need be. If that’s the case, shoot me an email: mjfenton at gmail dot com


    Here is a link to my most recent Precalc Honors test. We just finished our long slog through trig and have emerged on the other end with a conics/parametric unit. I stole some ideas from Sam Shah in class and we kept referring back to polars but I chickened out about including them on this test. I’d love to hear any opinions/questions/advice here!

  4. Just filled it out Michael

    Thanks for taking the initiative to house this conversation and thanks to Mathy for starting the push in his blog

  5. Very soon. Crazy school year just ended. I plan to work Tuesday and Thursday mornings throughout the summer on school related stuff. Launching Better Assessments is one of my first tasks. So, maybe Thursday I’ll finally kick things into gear.

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