Coin Combinations



What do you notice?

My first observations included, “Hey! Sodas cost $1.50.”

What do you wonder?

The first thing I wondered was, “How many coin combos are possible?”

And immediately after that, “Are pennies allowed?” (Check the picture for the answer.)

And with my teacher hat on… “What strategies would other students and teachers use to answer the “how many combos” question?

Sequel #1

Then I noticed something else on the machine:


How many coin combinations are possible now? Do you think it will be…

  • More?
  • Double?
  • Less?
  • Half?
  • The same?

Sequel #2

The “use exact change” light isn’t lit. How does that affect our original answer(s)?

Post Script

True, true, this is an age-old problem. Maybe even a tired problem. But I still love it, especially in this visual form. Also, I’ve never noticed the coin icons on the payment panel before. That’s pretty nifty if you ask me. 🙂

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