11 Desmos Challenges: Styling and Structure (#10)

Dotted lines? Check. Open-circle points? Check. Folders and text and click-able URLs within the expressions list? Check. Upgrade your graphs with a little styling and structure.


Goal: Use the “edit list” button to change the style and color of points, lines, curves, tables, etc.

10.1a Image 10.1b Image


Goal: Use the “edit list” functionality to create the image shown below.

10.2 Image

Hint: Instead of clicking the “edit list” button, you can click-and-hold on any of the circles on the left side of the expressions list.


Goal: Create a series of three match-my-graph challenges (linear, quadratic, and something else), with each one leading to the next.

In other words… At the end of the first challenge, add a text expression at the bottom leading to the second challenge. At the end of the second challenge, include a link to the third challenge.

Share the first challenge on Twitter. Include the graph title, URL, #graphchat, @mjfenton, and preview image.

Note: For two examples of match-my-graph challenges, check out the following:

Match My Line

A series of eight linear function challenges including direct variation, slope-intercept form, point-slope form, and two-intercepts form.

10.3a Image

Match My Parabola

A series of 10 quadratic function challenges including translations, dilations, vertex form, factored form, and standard form.

10.3 Image

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