Reason and Wonder Lessons

Problem Based Lessons

Engaging tasks with a visual hook, inspired by Dan Meyer's three acts model and Robert Kaplinsky's collection of real-world lessons.

Open Middle Problems

Rich tasks where the context is the math. Inspired by the problems at Open Middle, Inquiry Maths, and Nrich Maths.

Desmos Lessons

Activities and explorations designed with Desmos, the free and fantastically beautiful online graphing calculator.

Pasta Circle
How many pieces of pasta are there?
7.G.B • 7.RP.A

Average Value
When is the average value zero?

Match My Parabola
Can you plot a parabola through the points?

When will the phone be fully charged?
8.F.A • 8.F.B • 8.SP.A

Sum to One
Find unit fractions whose sum is one
MP.1 • MP.7 • 4.NF.B • 5.NF.A • 7.NS.A

Match My Line
Can you graph a line through the points?
7.RP.A • 8.F.A • 8.F.B • HSF.IF.C • HSF.LE.A

Here Come the Thunder?
Will the OKC Thunder make the playoffs?
6.RP.A • 7.RP.A

Point, Point, Slope
Create the steepest line possible

Area Boss
What is the largest possible triangle?
5.G.A • 6.G.A • 7.G.B

Morning Run
What is the number of total runs?
7.RP.A • 7.NS.A • 7.EE.B • 6.RP.A

Two Fractions
Create the greatest expression possible

Lift the Rainbow
How many Skittles are in the barbell plates?
8.G.C • HSG.GMD.A • 6.RP.A • 7.RP.A

Produce and Prices
What is the total balance due?
7.RP.A • 6.RP.A • 5.NBT.A • 5.NBT.B

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