Tesla Model 3

I’m fascinated by the pre-order hype surrounding Tesla’s latest car, the Model 3.

With a little help from Skitch, let’s turn this scenario into a math problem.


Throw that image on the screen and ask students:

  • How many orders in 24 hours?
  • What info would help you figure that out?

Ideally, after making some predictions (and writing them down!) students make a request for average price per vehicle, and you deliver:



When they’re ready for the reveal…

Sequel #1

Let’s see what else we can do with this…

Pre orders began on Thursday, March 31. Tesla promised a numbers update on Wednesday, April 6. How many pre orders do you think will have been placed by then?

  • Make a prediction.
  • Use math to find a more accurate answer.
  • Explain your thinking.

I’ll drop an update here once we know the answer.


Sequel #2

Tesla aims to sell 500,000 cars per year by 2020. Consider this comment from CEO Elon Musk:


Based on the information in the comment above:

  • Do you think Tesla will meet its 2020 goal?
  • What sort of year-over-year percentage growth will this require?
  • If you think they’ll miss the mark… by how much?
  • If you think they’ll surpass the target… by how much?


Drop an answer to one of the questions above in the comments below. Or, share another idea or two for how this Model 3 craze could play out in a math classroom.

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