Twitter Chats vs Family Dinners: Do We Really Have to Choose?

I love Twitter. I think I’m on record in several places with this. (Actually, it’s probably more along the lines of “I love the Twitter,” just because it’s more fun to say it that way. Go ahead, give it a try.)

I love Twitter chats. This is probably less well known. And the less-well-known-ness is likely a result of my general lack of participation in Twitter chats.

Here’s a run through of the scheduled chats I’ve (in)frequented over the past year or so:

  • #alg1chat (Sunday, 6 pm PST)
  • #caedchat (Sunday, 8 pm PST)
  • #msmathchat (Monday, 6 pm PST)
  • #connectEDtl (Tuesday, 7 pm PST)
  • #calcchat (Thursday, 6 pm PST)
  • #paedchat (Thursday, 6 pm PST)

Now consider the fact that I love eating dinner and that I have four small children and you might begin to see where I’m headed with this.

As much as I enjoy these conversations with digital colleagues, it’s a huge sacrifice to drop what I’m doing to engage online during these key family hours. Between dinner time and bath time and story time and bed time there are enough “times” in each evening without adding a “chat time” to the list as well.

So here’s my solution:

Launch a new chat, one that borrows the structure and intentionality of a scheduled chat (e.g., #caedchat), but marries that with the freedom and flexibility of an ongoing conversation (e.g., #MTBoS).

Intrigued? Click the #slowmathchat tab in the menu for more details. Read up, get psyched, and add a new column to your Tweetdeck. I hope you’ll consider joining in the fun this Monday.

Post Script

Before you go… Consider this a reverse-tl;dr:


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