11 Desmos Challenges: Points (#1)

Welcome to your first challenge! Get ready for an amazing ride through a handful of hands-on graphing challenges using Desmos, the free and fantastically-beautiful online graphing calculator.

A few recommendations:

  • If possible, work with a partner and use two devices
  • On one device—smartphone, laptop, or tablet—display these challenges
  • On the second device—preferably a laptop or tablet—go to www.desmos.com
  • If you’re working with a single device, keep multiple browser tabs open

Two more things worth noting before we begin:

0.1 Image

If you’re looking for solutions, I’ve “hidden” them at the bottom of each challenge page. Don’t spoil the fun by peeking too soon!

Also, feel free to bounce around from one category to another without completing all three levels. Use the menu at the top for easy navigation within the “11 Challenges.”

0.2 Image

Alright, you’re all set to embark! Happy graphing!


Goal: Use five expression lines to plot the following five points.

1.1 Prompt


Goal: Use one expression line (with a table) to plot the following five points.

1.2 Prompt


Goal: Use two expression lines (no tables allowed!) to plot the following five points.

1.3 Prompt

Hint: Have you seen lists? They pack a powerful punch!


Get ’em here.

You Create

Use what you’ve learned about points to create your own amazing graph. Share it here.

(Need some help with how to share a graph? Check out 11 Challenges: Saving and Sharing (#9).)

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  1. @sue, thanks for your note. Sorry for the confusion. To attempt these challenges, you’ll need to open http://www.desmos.com in another browser tab. Alternatively, you can visit learn.desmos.com and click “calculator” to learn more about Desmos. The challenges collected here on my blog are a bit out of date. You’ll find a fresher set of resources at learn.desmos.com.

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