11 Desmos Challenges: Regression (#8)

Stats teachers rejoice: Regression is here! (When does the “Eli for President” campaign begin?)


Goal: Use two expression lines (manually-entered data in a table, plus regression) to graph the points and line shown below.

8.1 Prompt


Goal: Use two expression lines (copy/pasted temperature data in a table, plus regression) to graph the points and sinusoid shown below.

8.2 Prompt

Hint: For larger data sets, just copy and paste your data. Don’t add the table; Desmos will do it for you as soon as you hit “paste.”

Note: You can grab temperature data for Fresno, CA from the first tab of this spreadsheet.


Goal: Use six expression lines to create the graph shown below. Here’s what you need:

  • An image—which you can download by clicking here
  • A table of manually-entered values fit to the smoke trail
  • An ordered pair marking the landing ramp
  • A quadratic regression
  • A function defined based on the parameters generated by the quadratic regression
  • A slider to animate the path of the cartoon stunt car

8.3 Prompt


Get ’em here: Basic, Advanced, Legendary

You Create

Use what you’ve learned about regression to create your own amazing graph. Share it here.

(Need some help with how to share a graph? Check out 11 Challenges: Saving and Sharing (#9).)

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