11 Desmos Challenges: Sliders (#4)

Turn your beautiful graphs into dynamic explorations packed with opportunities for noticing and wondering by adding sliders.


Goal: Use three expression lines to create a movable point.

4.1 Prompt

Note: Movable points are points that are movable. Oh, wait. You already got that, didn’t you? (Well, I was the last person on the planet to understand why it’s called a Pizookie.)


Goal: Use five expression lines to graph a quadratic function (in vertex form) with a movable point for its vertex.

4.2 Prompt

Note: Movable points are cool. Movable points linked to other objects are amazing!


Goal: Use five expression lines to plot the parent sine function, a movable point on the sine function, and the line tangent to the curve at that movable point. In other words, a tangent line roller coaster!

4.3 Prompt

Bonus: Instead of defining the derivative on your own, ask Desmos to do it. You may find d/dx useful…

Note: Get rid of extra distractions by turning off the graph of the derivative. (A little click on the circle in the expression list will do the trick.)


Get ’em here.

You Create

Use what you’ve learned about sliders to create your own amazing graph. Share it here.

(Need some help with how to share a graph? Check out 11 Challenges: Saving and Sharing (#9).)

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